Pitbull puppies for sale

Are you looking for pitbull puppies for sale ? If so, then our pet store offers you with the best big pitbull puppies for sale you’ll ever need. We do proper Pitbull DNA testing on all our puppies. We tend to square measure utterly acquainted with varied forms of dogs. Our pitbull puppies grow immense in nature, therefore our main objective is to allow them to socialize within the absolute best manner among themselves and with man. These are well balanced and tamed dogs with exceptional physical skills that need your steerage and every one of your love.

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Our pet store offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase a pitbull puppy from us and you don't seem to be proud of it, you can always return it within 15 days for a full refund. We always want to make sure you're happy with your pitbull companion


We are completely familiar with the different types of pitbull puppies . Therefore, you can buy any pitbull of your choice from us. We have both male and female pitbulls. You can also buy American pitbull Terrier, blue nose and red nose pitbulls and XL pitbull puppies


With an outstanding background business idea, Our passion for growing up and training pitbull puppies remains a life hobby for the bluebully team. We train our dogs in such a way they respond to every given command from their masters. You'll always be satisfied with your pet.


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The upbringing of pitbull has always been a daily job at Blue bully pitbulls. We have trained and raised several pitbulls from our kennel. However we have spent years on perfecting the most effective pedigree within the game. Therefore our great investment comes as a result of our expertise when it comes to selecting the best breeds. We always make sure we strive for the best as our reputation for being the supplier of pitbull puppies keeps progressing tremendously. 

Pitbull puppies for sale

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At Blue bully pitbulls, we have everything you would need for a very pleasurable experience with a replacement pitbull for your home, the pet store with everything you wish. The No.1 store for pitbull puppies for sale, twig larger, higher and Cheaper. 100% client satisfaction is our final priority. we always follow proper and moral breeding practices at our farm and kennel to deliver healthy and well-mannered Xl Pit-bull puppies for our customers. Our pitbull puppies are preferred and well cared for, healthy and up so far on vaccines. However, we breed not just for looks but for a dog with intelligence and temperament. We have sold and exported many Pitbulls worldwide to our satisfied customers which make the shipping process a breeze knowing all of the shipping regulations.

Reviews from our Pitbull puppies

  • Hello, I want to say a big thanks to the blue bully breeders for my pitbull puppy. It’s so amazing to see it have fun and play with my kids. I recommend anyone looking for pitbull puppies for sale to buy from this pet store. Thumbs up guys. I’m grateful.

    Rudy Paragus

    Texas, USA
  • Hi, I’m Maureen. I had been searching for where to buy pitbull puppies  online till when i found the blue bully breeders. However they told me they had all types of pitbull puppies. Therefore, I ordered for a male pitbull pup and he’s doing great right here with me. 

    Maureen Kelly

    Ohio, USA
  • Bob is it’s name. I thank the blue bully breeders for a well trained pitbull puppy. I formerly had a different pitbull but not satisfied enough with it till when i was searching for pitbull puppies for sale so I found this website. Therefore I contacted the live chat and they provided with all the necessary information needed with respect to the dog. Therefore, I finally reserved bob and bought it. It’s really a wonderful experience with bob. Thanks alot.

    Carl Williams

    Colorado, USA
  • A big thanks to you guys. This is a great pet store for pitbull puppies. I live in wa,USA. My wife and I needed a pitbull dog. So a friend of mine recommended me to blue bully breeders and I contacted them. They provided me with all the necessary informations needed with respect to the dog and I purchased male pitbull puppy. He’s so amazing and loves playing around. 

    Joram Mullen

    Washington, USA
  • Hi, I’m Janice. I wanna thank the blue bully breeders for bringing my new companion Zoe. She’s just so amazing. I found this site when i was looking for pitbull puppies for sale. Therefore I contacted the bluebully team on livechat and they answered every question I asked concerning the pet. 3 days after I received my healthy Zoe. She was ready for some fun,lol. Thanks a million guys!

    Janis Elena

    USA, Washington DC
  • My new friend is so adorable. I had always wanted a nice and adorable pitbull puppy but the moment I came across the blue bully breeders, the story was a different one. They have well trained and healthy pitbull puppies. Thanks again guys

    Vin Harold

    Colorado, USA
  • Lesley has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Her temperament is amazing. Berman has amazing Pitbull puppies for sale. It was great working with us!! Thank you so much🤝


    Dallas, TX
  • Such a good experience with you guys at Blue Bully Pitbulls thanks a lot for all the assistance and guide you put I and my girlfriend through in getting our Precious baby 🐕 . You guys have the best Pitbull puppies for sale.  Thanks again for everything❤️


    Erie, PA
  • We got our girl Sadie during quarantine. The breeder was great and sent pictures and video so we could see how she was growing. Sadie has been the perfect addition to our family. She is smart and eager to please. She was easy to train and picks up new commands easily. She is the perfect combination of fun and cuddles. Always eager to go outside for any reason but just as happy to cuddle on the couch. She has helped us through such a difficult time of isolation and low spirits. She makes us laugh and gives hugs and kisses regularly, my kids can’t see her out of their site. I would absolutely recommend Blue Bully Pitbull Pups to anyone looking to add a pup to their home.

    Julia Ouren

    Forth Worth, TX
  • We had been looking for the perfect Blue Pitbull female pup for some time and stumbled across Blue bully pitbulls online! when i saw Ace I knew immediately that I had found our dog. 🙂 Berman was super easy to communicate with and even met us at a pickup point that was closer (because we drove in from New Mexico!) Ace just turned 12 weeks old, we picked her up when she turned 8 weeks and she has been such a joy! I love her playful and cuddly personality. My family loves her too. Thanks Bluebullypitbulls!! We love her so much. I always recommend you guys to any one looking for a Pitbull puppy .

    Veronica Biber

    New Mexico
  • Our baby Tank, is the best pup we’ve ever got! Her weight and color are exactly as Roland described. He is very smart, easily trainable. His temperament is a perfect balance between active and cuddly! He is 15 weeks old now and health wise, he’s in perfect condition! Even when he was delivered to us, we had no complications with his trip or his health . We will definitely love to get another purebred Pitbull puppy in the future from blue bully Pitbulls. We promise to pay you guys a visit with Tank. We definitely gonna do that with time thanks for your every

    Gleason Family

    Louisville KY, USA
  • Maya came home to Maryland on 24th September as a birthday present for our last daughter! She is sweet and loving pup with lots of energy, pictures don’t lie though! I cannot believe she is here, my daughter is very happy to have her. We are very grateful to Blue Bully Pitbulls for making this happen, thank you so much.


    Kathryn Debi

    Baltimore, MD
  • Ruby is a loveable addition to our family. He is a blue pitbull. I bought this puppy from you guys in July, he is doing so wonderful, and what a friendly and happy puppy he has become. We are progressing well in obedience classes because he is already such a big part of me. Such a bubbly dog, with ton of energy in him. He loves everybody he meets and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I just want to thank blue bully pitbulls for giving me such a wonderful puppy, I couldn’t be happier, but I must say you guys are the best 

    Leonard Cole

    Orlando, FL
  • Our little girl Cean has been an awesome addition to the family! she is smart, extremely friendly, and tons of fun! She is a great traveler, loves the lake, she is awesome with our kids, and loves playing with other people and dogs! She is exactly as Berman said she would be! Blue bully Pitbulls was awesome to work with, from start to finish! One example of their great customer service was their willingness to meet us at a halfway point, which cut about 4 hours off our round trip. As a result, we give Blue Bully Pitbulls highest recommendation!

    Hannah Lisa

    Midland, TX
  • We are so fortunate to have come across this breeder, Jack came to us from Texas, to Iowa, at 10 weeks old. After that, From the minutes he arrived our home, he was friendly, smart and everything we expected was positive. His first visit to the vet, even the doctor commented on what an excellent Purebred Pitbull he was, and told us we definitely found a great breeder! Everywhere we go, people stop us and comment on his beautiful color. He quickly adapted to our 5 year old daughter, very playful but gentle! Jack is our pride and joy!


    Davenport, IW
  • We got our little male pitbull puppy in May. He is such a great dog! Neo is healthy, happy and has a great personality. He loves his people and is very social. He fits right in with our family and we couldn’t image our home without him. Thanks so much Blue Bully Pitbulls for this wonderful gift, you guys definitely have the best Pitbull puppies for sale . We couldn’t ask for no other pup than Neo

    Claude Davis

    Durham, NC


XL and XXL Pitbull puppies for sale are offered by blue bully breeders, who are properly up-skilled and taken proper care of, therefore making them physically and mentally powerful. Every buyer from blue bully breeder will always be very pleased with how safe, caring and lovable their pitbulls are. The best pitbull puppies for sale near you are being sold by blue bully breeders. 

We have an excellent training program that every of our pitbull undergo till it is ready for rehome. During the period of their training, they are introduced to kids, family, and other pet animals. As a result, this helps them to get confidence and be interactive with others easily. Above all, because of our effective training program and the raising of our pets, many people buy pitbull puppies for sale at blue bully pitbulls .

 Competence and professionalism has always been our motto. Blue bully pet store is the best place for pitbull puppies for sale as we supply our pitbull puppies everywhere within the USA and also in Canada. We have members based in Canadian states who supply pitbulls as well.  Owners who have bought and adopted blue nose pitbull puppies for sale from us are the members of our big family. We deliver our puppies with all its essential requirements like all papers, sample food, and toys, a feeding manual, and blanket. Our pitbull puppies are UKC/AKC registered.


Health Guarantee

Our main objective is to produce healthy XL pitbulls for sale for people to enjoy a life time experience in their homes. We always ensure regular and proper vaccination of our puppies to prevent dog diseases and other common related illnesses. In addition, while raising a pitbull puppy, we always ensure proper feeding and as a result, the pitbull will look big with an ideal weight of at least 15.8–27.2 kg (35–60 lb) which is that of a male pitbull and for a female pitbull which is 13.6–22.6 kg (30–50 lb). After purchasing a pitbull puppy from us, we hope you also do same and give it a proper care. you can always leave us a message for more tips and help or check our blog on how to care for a pitbull puppy.

Express shipping

 We have been shipping our pitbull puppies for many years now. After you buy your puppy from us and we receive payment, we shall employ a pet transportation service to handle the entire process. the service will pick the puppy up and deliver it straight to you. We deliver our pitbull puppies within the states in USA. We also ship to Canada

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