Health Problems Common Among Pit Bulls

Pitbull for sale near me

Pitbull for sale near me

Pitbull puppies for sale. Pit bulls are loved and cherished by many people in the worlds despite the controversy associated with the breed.

While they are considered aggressive, with proper training and socialization, they can become great family dogs that play and interact with other breeds safely. Pit-bulls are prone to some health conditions, though they can be easily taking care of by knowing the common diseases and symptoms to look out for. Below we gonna list out some common health problems associated with Pit-bulls


1) Hip Dysplasia.

This is a common, inherited condition for Pitbull Terriers . In this condition, the hip is improperly formed leading to arthritis and constant pain. Dogs with hip dysplasia will have difficulty climbing stairs, running, and face lameness in the hind legs. You can support your dogs hips with a hip brace.


2) Thyroid Disease.

A common problem for Pit bulls Thyroid disease. Your pit bull will gain excessive weight and develop skin problems when thyroid glands aren’t producing adequate thyroid hormones. Your vet might perform blood tests to diagnose thyroid disease. Your pit-bull might require lifetime doses of thyroxine to counteract the disease.


3) Heart Disease.

This is a commonly disease condition effecting the pit bull breed. The most common heart disease affecting the breed is aortic stenosis. This disease rarely shows any symptoms, and so you should have your dog checked regularly so that the condition can be spotted earlier.


4) Skin Problems. 

Pit bulls are naturally prone to several skin disorders ranging from allergies, itchy and tumors. if your yard is infested with mosquitoes and bugs, you’ll want to consider picking up a dog-safe bug repellent for your dog. If the itching persists, your Pit bull may scratch themselves until cuts develop, causing the problem to worsen. Furthermore You should groom your Pit bull regularly and clean their ears as a way of preventing skin allergies. Due to their short hair, they are prone to sunburns, which is why you must provide them with shade.


5) Allergies.

Allergies are most common with Pit-bulls if compared to other dog breeds. They are more affected by grass, pollen , files or ticks. They can also be affected by food allergies. A Pit-bull affected by allergies will drool, like, shed and scratch abnormally. This continues scratching can cause wounds and bleeding. With this you must treat your Pit-bull immediately to prevent skin infections. Pitbull for sale near me

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