How To Prepare For The Arrival Of Your New Puppy

Pitbull puppies for adoption

Pitbull puppies for adoption

Pitbull puppies for adoption. Taking care of your new puppy can be overwhelming. We at BBP recommend that you prepare adequately for the arrival that’s why we are providing you with these few helpful tips, to become a good puppy owner in no time.


1) Have A Family Meeting

A dog is a big commitment, so before you take the plunge, make sure you all agree to the move

Then decide who’s going to be the primary caretaker–otherwise you’ll spend lots of time arguing while your new dog stares at their empty feeding bowl.

To avoid confusing the puppy, set out the house rules ahead of time things like will the dog be allowed on the bed? On the couch? Where will the dog sleep? Are any rooms of the house permanently off-limits? Include your family on the decisions so everyone is satisfier with the decisions .


2) When To Collect The Puppy?.

The puppy can be adopted after the 61 days of birth (NOT 59 NOT 60) on this we are obligatory because every day that the puppy stays with the mother is an important day at such a young age, so there please do not insist and do not put us in difficult positions.


3) Picking Up a Puppy.

Just like a baby, a puppy’s body is fragile. Avoid picking up your puppy unless absolutely necessary. If you must, be careful and use these steps:

a) Place one hand under your puppy’s rump, and place your other hand under his chest.

b) Lift with both arms. With a small adult dog, use the puppy technique. For larger dogs, wrap both arms around his legs, draw him to your chest, and lift.


4) Things to buy for your Puppy before arriving his/her new home?

* High quality dog food . For Pitbull you can check what we recommend on our blog post( 5 Top Best Food For Pit-bulls 2020)

* A comfortable kennel

* Toys, especially safe chew toys to ease teething

* Water and food bowls

* Collar

* Stain and odor removing cleaner

* A bed. Pitbull puppies for adoption

*Identification tags with your puppy’s name, your name and phone number, and your veterinarian’s name and phone number

We gonna keep you update with up coming blogs and if you have any question you reach us at our life chat thanks

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