Important Pit Bull Facts Every Pit Lover Should Know

Purebred pitbull puppies for sale

Purebred pitbull puppies for sale

Purebred pitbull puppies for sale. Pit bulls are among the most lovable dogs in the world. Though, we are also aware of their troubled reputation. Thanks to years of misinformation and bad press, they’re among the most misunderstood dog breeds. I’m a pit bull lover, and i know for sure what a joy it is to share my life with these breed.

The truth about pit bulls is that: They’re sweet, hilarious, smart, and loyal companions. Below we have tried to point out 5 important facts you should know about this breed as a Pit bull lover


1) Pit bulls come from England

Pit bulls, as we know them, probably descended from the Olde English Bull Dog, which was used for sport (“bull baiting“) in 19th century in England. After bull baiting was deemed brutal, Olde English Bull Dogs were cross-bred with terriers to create smaller, more aggressive dogs for fighting.

But once these sporting dogs made the crossing from England to the United States, they took on far more responsibilities and became true American icons.


2) Pit bulls are American protagonist

In the early 20th century, pit bulls were revered as family dogs, mascots, and military heroes. During World War I, pit bull dogs represented American forces on posters and in the field. Their loyalty and bravery made them the perfect “spokes dog.”
These days, pit bull heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and responsibilities, from explosive-sniffing search dogs to therapy dogs. Purebred pitbull puppies for sale


3) Pitbull love people

They really love people. They love to snuggle, cuddle, roll over for belly rubs, crawl in your lap if you’ll allow it, and stay as close to you as possible all day long. Pit-bulls are the original “velcro dog.”

The most common misconception about pit bulls is that they all have the capacity for aggression towards people, but temperament studies show that Pit-bulls rank high among the most affectionate, least aggressive dogs. In annual testing conducted by the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls passed at a rating of 86.4%, higher than popular breeds such as golden retrievers, corgis, and beagles.


4) Pit bulls are a positive force in the world.

Thanks to their high energy, brightness, love of life, and intense devotion to people, pit bulls are some of the most entertaining dogs in the world. They have an incredible capacity for joy.  These dogs were bred and raised to be fighters and were horribly mistreated throughout their lives until fate (and the law) stepped in. Their recovery demonstrates the incredible spirit and resiliency of pit bulls.

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